Calling all aspiring movie makers

We want you to show off your skills at writing, producing, directing, filming and editing a short film for us to show on Scout night

The Showtime Scout Video Competition is back for yet another year continuing on from all the success from the past few years. We are again asking you to create a short film created entirely by the Scouts. Our theme this year for the competition is “Sleep”. You can interpret how you want to create a movie around that as you wish.

You will find below, a guide that will help you produce your film, and help you plan your nights accordingly to give your Scouts something different. This will help your Troop write, practice, and perform a short show, which can also be used by the Scouts to complete several areas of their Entertainers, Performing Arts, Craft, Art or Multimedia badge work depending on what roles they play in the production.

Once completed, use the form below to submit your entry. We look forward to seeing what you send through.

The winner will not only receive a fantastic prize, but will also get their video shown at interval on Scout Night, Thursday 19th August. Entries close August 13th.